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Purchasing & transaction rules


  1. 客户与商家私下沟通的条件与价格变动,需要在网站下单前修改价格以及备注条件。

    The conditions and price changes between the customer and the seller in private communication need to be modified before the order is placed and the remarks are met.

  2. 商品价格差价10元内,采购部会直接替客户更新订单收费(差价超过10元将会取消订单)。

    Within ¥10  of the price difference of the commodity, the purchasing department will directly update the order for the customer (the difference will exceed ¥10 will cancel the order).

  3. 订单邮费根据采购付款于商家为标准,差价10元内将自动替客户更新订单收费(差价超过10元将会取消订单)。

    The order postage is based on the purchase payment on the merchant's standard. The difference will be automatically charged for the customer within ¥10 (the price difference will exceed ¥10 will cancel the order).

  4. 代购费不会在代购订单收取,会在计费国际运费时收取(代购费是不会把国际运费计算在内)。

    The purchasing fee will not be charged in the purchase order and will be charged when the international shipping fee is charged (the international shipping fee will not be counted in the purchasing fee).

  5. 定制品建议客户自行与商家交易,如透过我方交易,任何失误,我方将不承担责任。

    If you purchase a custom goods, you are advised to trade with the merchant yourself. If you trade through us, we will not be liable for any mistakes.

  6. 我方不承接任何关于促销活动或领折扣卷活动或抢购活动的订单,若客户下单,将按照一般代购订单处理。

    We will not accept any orders for promotional events or discounted or snapped events. If the customer places an order, it will be processed according to the general purchase order.

  7. 我方有权拒绝为客户采购任一商品,特别是违禁品,不良品。

    We have the right to refuse to purchase any goods for our customers, especially forbidden products and defective products.

  8. 客户签收商品款式,质量与数量如与订单不一致,根据采购账号下单信息为凭,如与客户信息一致,责任不归我司。

    The customer signs the product style, the quality and quantity are inconsistent with the order, according to the purchase order information, if the customer information is consistent, the responsibility does not belong to our company.


Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.