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About Us

The website system requires excellence, until today's ready-made MY EXPRESS, the past 5 years of experience have given MY EXPRESS a clearer understanding of customer needs and the best service offerings.

Let the consumer customers enjoy a simpler and more convenient online shopping experience, so that the customers can quickly ship in one time.

From the cooperation of many transporters in the past five years, we have selected the one with the quickest efficiency and the most clear responsibility as the long-term partner.

From the 180square warehouse in 2014, it expanded to 980square in 2017 and expanded to 1400square in 2019.

From 2 employees in 2014, it increased to 5 staff in 2015, and increased to 10 staff in 2016. In 2017, it increased to 18 staff.

In 2019, the number of employees increased to 25, and the time witnessed the steady growth of the company.

The MY EXPRESS website was founded on 3/3/2019. The company started at 21/2/2014 and has more than 5 years of operating experience.

MY EXPRESS philosophy, culture, purpose, simple and clear, aim to cater to a new era, providing the most convenient way to change the way consumers consume, inheriting alibaba to create a culture that does not leave the house but enjoy shopping at home.

Providing consumers with the most humanized customer service, to build MY EXPRESS become a brand that consumers can trust.

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