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Notice: Additional Service Fees

The following service items will be added:


[Starting December 1, 2021]


1.      If customers wish to change/switch warehouse, RM2 will be charge for each parcel.

(If it is a system error, this fee can be waived.)


2.      Return of goods from CHN Warehouse to Seller will have a service charge of RM5.

(Must submit Delivery Order, service fee will be charged even though seller self collects the parcel.)


3.      If customers wish to change delivery address, each delivery order will be charged RM10.



[Effective immediately]


4.      Air shipments exceeding 30kg will be charged RM150 of overweight fee.


5.      Air shipments exceeding 70cm length on both sides, or 140cm on one side will be charged RM150 for exceeding the maximum length.


(If the tracking number is overweight and exceeds the maximum length requirement, only rm150 will be charged.)