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Urgent notice: Severe flood in Selangor has affected the goods and the delivery time will be delayed.

Dear customer


Severe flood in Selangor, cargos are affected, the delivery time of parcels will be delayed.


Severe flood in Selangor, warehouse is unfortunately affected by it as well. Warehouse has confirmed that the contents of the following containers have been soaked in water.

1) TX1130

2) Containers that are already opened and awaiting delivery (still under inspection, tracking will be updated after confirmation, please pay attention to the tracking information)


There are also instances that the parcel tracking sticker may have come off, and it will take time to sort out the parcels. We hope that customers can be patient with us.

Customers who have parcels in the TX1130 container, please provide the screenshot of purchase to your respective customer service operator. If the parcel tracking number has been blurred out, the warehouse will check the packaged items with the product photos.

Once the water level has subsided, the company will consult the warehouse insurance company and conduct inspections regarding the loss of the customer’s parcels, and provide customers a reasonable reply.


The state of the contents for the following containers is not yet confirmed.

1. TX1117

2. TX1119

3. TX1121

4. TX1128

5. TX1129

6. TX1131

7. TX1201

8. TX1202

9. TX1203


Tracking will be updated immediately after receiving updates from the warehouse.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience.