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Announcement: Compensation Agreement

Value Customer


From January 15, 2022, the terms of the claims settlement agreement are as follows:



Compensation Agreement:



3Lost and damaged goods:


3.1   Kindly inform our customer service for any losses within 3 days once parcel received. Your cases will not being accepted if our customer service did not receive your complain within 3 days parcel being received.


3.2   Kindly inform our customer service the tracking number and item screenshot for the losses item.


3.3   For Clients who used our shipment service only, kindly check with your seller.


3.4   Our company are not responsible for any damage or losses while delivery due to incomplete packaging


3.5   For fragile or fragile goods, it is the seller/sender’s responsibility to strengthen the packaging, waterproof protection, and label the fragile goods before mailing to ensure that the goods are protected during transportation effect.


For fragile items that are deformed, cracked, damaged or wet during transportation, please forgive that our company is unable to make any claims for such situations.


Common fragile and fragile goods


    * Glass, porcelain, pottery materials and its products


    * Sculptures, toy models


    * Musical instruments, fishing rods, etc. flat and long type)


    * Bottled beverages, toiletries, liquid products


    * Crystal and its products


    * Fragile plastic materials and products


    * Precision instrument or instrument


    * Liquid crystal display, display, display device


    * Glasses, contact lenses


    * Circuit board, main board


    * Electronic products, electronic equipment and machinery


    * Camera and its accessories


3.6    Sensitive parcel (such as liquid, paint & etc):

Customers are liable for the loss of compensation, if the parcel is leaking due to unqualified packaging and; affects other customers' parcel.

(Suggestion: request related safeguard service from seller or our company.)





6.1 The following situations can make claims for such situations


.lost parcel


If the parcel lost, the compensation amount is x3 of the shipping cost or the value of the product, whichever is the lowest, and the maximum compensation amount is RM200.


6.2 For the following situations, please forgive that our company cannot make any claims for such situations


.Fragile Goods


.Dangerous goods and contraband


.Losses caused by severe weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquakes, floods, floods, fires and natural disasters during transportation


.China and Malaysia customs detain/confiscation, or cause delay in delivery


.Any loss or damage during transportation is not covered by our company/inappropriate packaging.



6.3   All compensation process will be follow chart 6.1.1 as investigation standard.


6.4   All compensation does not included service charge, GST


6.5   Reimbursement method will be refunded to your My Express account, cash repayment of bank account is not allowed.





The above terms and conditions of our company are subject to change without prior notice.

Thank you